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Web design is a process where different skills and disciplines are encompassed in production and maintenance of websites. There are different areas of web design services you can get from Richcandies team. They include: authoring, graphic design, interface design just to mention but a few. Apart from these you can also get

Web Design and Development Services

Richcandies has specialized in designing striking designs for any website. We will design your website in that it will attract traffic. Not only that but we’re also capable of transforming any website into a profit earning site which will be easier to navigate. Our web designer’s team is outstanding and has specialized in latest flash based technologies which has kept our websites up to speed. In every design they make, they go an extra mile to ensure it’s flawless.
Our web design and development services are clear, clean; crisp which will leave a long lasting positive impact to your business. We understand that a website is a major component of any company’s marketing plan. We know it is the central hub for all your messaging which should have all marketing material allocated to it and because of this; we use many software applications to provide our clients with the outermost presentation. Web design and development services from RichCandies are custom built to meet your needs. Some of the services you’ll get from us include; Interface and Web design, HTML/CSS Development, Blog Design and RSS Integration, Website maintenance and Content development. Our development will guide you in the entire process of creating a visually attractive website.

Website Design Services in reasonable Price

Nowadays a website is the core of any business. It is a milestone in creating a successful marketing strategy. Let’s take a minute and think about it. If you give your friend a business card, you’re simply telling him to visit your website. When you run Google Ads campaigns all you’re doing is driving traffic to your site. Everything we’re doing or do is sending traffic to our websites but unfortunately most of business websites out there aren’t good.

Entrepreneurs and business owner are spending time and money driving traffic to their websites which do not convert these visitors into buyers. But does this mean that a website design services in reasonable price isn’t effective? Not long ago having a low cost web design would probably mean you are not going to get much leads from it. Nowadays thing are different. If it’s done right a low cost website design is the way to go and that is what we do at RichCandies. Many will advertise themselves to providing low cost websites and you end up paying additional services which accumulates to more than your budget. Come to us for website design services in reasonable price and we’ll help you to build your brand online.

Desktop Application Design

RichCandies stands out when it comes to desktop application design. We are the best of the technologies in creating a rich and a user friendly effective desktop application. The application we’ll create for you can run offline and off the web browser. Our desktop application design will enable your business, company/organization to meet its respective goals and will provide you with a competitive advantage to stay ahead of your competitors.
We know every business has unique and specific requirements but our custom-developed applications will enable your business to fulfill its goals and be successful. With the latest Rich Desktop Applications (RDA) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications (RIDA), each business will be able to experience faster and efficient business processes, total control and better performance. Our applications will ensure efficient offline operations, faster date access and easy content synchronization.
These application can also integrate with database, OS Platforms, web technologies, Microsoft technologies etc in order to provide better operation functioning.

Desktop applications design

Desktop applications design from RichCandies will provide your business with ways to improve its productivity, performance and synchronize your business process. One last but not least thing with our desktop applications is that they are open for up gradation time to time thus providing efficient data security and protection against unauthorized sources.

Custom Website Design & Development Company

RichCandies is a custom website design & development company providing these services to B2B, government entities, non-profits organizations, B2C including word press, ecommerce websites, custom web applications, responsive web design and many more. One of our core competencies is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that your website will be rooted in the best practice of SEO before we can even dive into creativity.
The experience we have had with our clients all over the world is a clear evidence that our methodology yields the most effectively websites that re customized on the internet. Our experienced team of SEO specialized; developers, producers, website designers, and social media marketers will create you a customized website, develop it and launch it on time and within your budget.
If you already have an existing website and you’d like some revisions to be done, come to us and we will provide you with complimentary website SEO evaluations. We pride ourselves to be one of the best custom website design & development company providing IT solutions to clients around the world. We have a client service that is designed to support your business/organization as it grows. Take a look at our portfolio and hear from our clients or you can contact us today.