Our package design grab
the shopper’s attentions

Packaging Design Graphics

At RichCandies, we are fully aware that the key do designing a successful packaging design graphics has to involve a variety of design elements. All the packaging design graphics that we design, we ensure they are distinctive enough for you to stand out on a cluttered shelf and we do this using graphics, colors, and shape to convey the right feeling with your customers. Our packaging design graphics and creative resources rely on the experience they have in this field to provide you with superior services and value. The package and design ideas that we’ll offer you with will grab the shopper’s attention and they will be motivated to buy your products.

We collaborate with our clients to brainstorm ideas, focus on your brand value preposition, marketing demographics and provide you with packaging design graphics that will set you art from the rest. RichCandies package designers are fully aware of the current market, the quality that your package design has to have and are flexible to handle all aspects of packaging design program. Call us today, send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Your satisfaction is our goal because we’re here to serve you.

Brand Packaging

Branding is the process where an enduring and cohesive impression of your business, organization, product or services is made available in the minds of the audience. Collaborate with us and let us bring your brand to life. We’ll apply the power of brand packaging in conjunction with strategic creativity to take your brand to the next level of development.

We are experienced and passionate in every project we handle. We’ve a great big box full of new tools that enables us to invent new unique brands. These tools also enable us to reinvent the existing brands and making them successful and famous. We have entrepreneurial spirit at heart and we like working with all clients who share this. Even if you are a start up, local or global brand, we welcome you to work with us. RichCandies has helped many brands in almost every sector to succeed and innovate.

The vision and values that our creative brand packaging team posses are smart and enables them to work together to shape the powerful methodologies to unlock brand value.  We’re up to meet new people so feel free to drop us a line. We’ll be pleased to hear from you. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Creative Packaging

RichCandies is here to provide support and services to your business after the world most sought brands. We strive hard to make sure you become tomorrow’s market leader. Our creative packaging designers have extensive knowledge of design, production process; quality assured manufacturing and equipment potential that is why we continue to give form to all the brands through packaging.

Our creative packaging services aren’t limited to logistics but we offer full suite of creative packaging including;

Concept development- If you’re not sure of how your brand has or should be represented through packaging, RichCandies will review your existing brand elements and marketing collateral to get the entire brand message. Our experts will suggest ways through which packaging can strategically position your message.

In-house graphic design- It is cost effective for you to have a vendor handling all aspects of your packaging program. We’ve a dedicated team which is available 24/7 with the ability to provide full-scale graphic design services for all types of retail packaging.

Art Templates- We offers our clients complimentary design templates for all packaging programs. But before we do this, we’ll initially collaborate with you to create the template. We’ll also retain the information on file just in case you need the program in future.

At RichCandies, there is no retail packaging challenge or even design obstacle that that we can’t overcome. Our creative and experienced creative packaging professionals are standing by to help make your vision a reality. We’re waiting to listen form you!